Small Fire Hall 2k

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Author: 220hertz
Last revision: 24 Dec at 23:48 2017 UTC


1K version here.

A starter fire department – same stats as the vanilla department, just a different look.

Asset info:
Footprint: 8×5
Main mesh: 1281 tris
Lod mesh: 118 tris

Decoration and props: A few lights and two entry markers. You may wish to jazz it up a bit. There are many wonderful fire truck props on the workshop but I haven’t included any.

Textures 2048 and 128, with all maps included.

Not much to say here. This hall insn’t based on any one I’ve ever seen in particular, more of an amalgam of the types of fire halls I’m used to seeing.

I don’t usually double-post an asset, but I tried building this with 2K textures to start and figured I’d give you the choice. It does make quite a difference for asset file size and that factors into how many you can jam on your machine and run the game.

If you see anything broken in the asset, please let me know. It should behave identically to the vanilla hall.

Thanks again!