Shinkansen N700 California HSTA (Prop Pack)

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Author: REV0
Last revision: 9 Aug at 20:52 2018 UTC


JR Central, Prop Pack

Part of Shinkansen Fleet Collection

Technical Details
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized: All set uses 1 texture file, use LSM to significantly optimize performance.
  • Good textures
  • Pack of 7different cars: Engine, second car, third car, power car with pantograph closed, 5th car, 6th car
  • Custom LOD
  • Detailed roof, windows, based on real set
  • Optimized triss count

Recommended Mods
  • [Find It, to find and use props in-game.
  • search tag: "REVO, REV0, N700, shinkansen, california, train"

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  • Commissioned by: NewMasterChoco
  • Blueprints, plans: wilson_komachi

Keywords for Workshop search: Shinkansen, Hitachi, N700, Series, California, High, Speed, Transit, Authority, Japan, bullet, train, japan, USA, us, america