DB 219 + Vario DB Regio (8Cars)

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Author: REV0
Last revision: 25 Jun at 09:45 2018 UTC


DB 219 + Twindexx Vario Set

In 2008 Bombardier presented the "Dosto 2010" future family of double-deck trains for the German market. For international sales they were branded as Bombardier TWINDEXX with a "Vario" concept that allows these trains to be built for regional or intercity connections up to 160 km/h.

As a part of collections:

Technical Details
  • Diesel Transport
  • Line Colored
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized
  • Loading Screen Manager: Has 1 set of textures for all cars, decrease loading times
  • Engine, 1st and 2nd class
  • 2048*1024 textures
  • 140 passengers per cars
  • 140km/h, 1.5m/s^2 acceleration
  • Custom LOD
  • Control and power cars are illuminated, no additional mods needed
  • Detailed roof and windows

Set Configuration
  • DB 219 + 2nd class, Twindexx Vario + 2nd class + 2nd class + 2nd class + 1st class + 1st class + 1st class + 2nd class, twindexx vario

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