Balao class submarine

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Author: Vasper
Last revision: 9 Sep at 12:28 2018 UTC


The Balao class was a successful design of United States Navy submarine used during World War II, and with 120 units completed, the largest class of submarines in the United States Navy. An improvement on the earlier Gato class, the boats had slight internal differences. The most significant improvement was the use of thicker, higher yield strength steel in the pressure hull skins and frames, which increased their test depth to 400 feet (120 m). Tang actually achieved a depth of 612 ft (187 m) during a test dive, and exceeded that test depth when taking on water in the forward torpedo room while evading a destroyer.

In game can be found in the monument tab.

Tris count – 1954
Textures 2024×1024
Custom LOD mesh:
Tris count – 117
Textures 32×16