The Horizon (Sydney)

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Author: Robert
Last revision: 8 Sep at 09:48 2018 UTC


Controversial when it was constructed in the 90s, for the long shadow it cast over the surrounding suburb, the Horizon is a 43 storey residential high-rise in Darlinghurst Sydney.

This is a 4×4 level 5 high-density residential building.
It is NOT pre-prepared for use with Ploppable RICO. Recommend using a mod like Plop the Growables, or set it up yourself 🙂
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I wasn’t particularly familiar with this one but after I finished Australia Square someone (@stevieb) suggested it in the comments as another notable building by architect Harry Seidler. I was struck by it and decided it was a good way to practice managing a model with repeating patterns. I was worried it would be too complex to do, and in a way it was! It’s a fairly high-tri model. See details below:

Main/LOD: 8,777/132 (1024×1024 D/S/I/N)
Glass: 1,454/1 (1024×1024 D/S/A)