North America with Borders

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Author: Oracle Turret
Last revision: 9 Dec at 22:27 2016 UTC


Have you ever wanted to recreate North America in Cities Skylines? Then this maps for you!

A map of North America with borders for countries, 48 U.S. States, and 9 Canadian Provinces and Territories. I took lisa.xie’s North America map and flattened it for easier building. I’ve also placed a few features, but for the most part, the map is open to your imagination. I originally made this map for a scenario, but I’m sharing this blank one for anyone else who wants to use it.

I recommend you play it with infinite money and a 25 tiles mod. It should be compatable with vanilla.

Map is not to scale and likely contains many errors. Laws pertaining to marijuana leganization are current as of December 2016. And yes, I accidentally placed Bermuda (which wasn’t on the original map) on top of a shipping route.