UK Detached House #3 – Level 3

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Author: rik4000
Last revision: 1 Oct at 07:21 2018 UTC


UK Detached House #3 – Level 3

This is one of a few UK detached houses I’ve been creating recently. I have left the asset blank to give you more decorative freedom. The following mods are highly recommended to get the best out of this asset:

* Move It!
* Plop The Growables
* More Beautification
* Prop & Tree Anarchy
* Prop Precision

Building Stats

Size: 3×3
Service: High Residential
Sub-service: High
Level: 3

Where is this found in game?

This building is a level 3 high residential growable.

Do these assets require any props?

No, this is now up to you to decorate.

Model Info:
  • 667 Polys
  • 1,446 Tris
  • 1024 x 1024 Texture res (diffuse, Normal, Specular, Illumination)
  • Custom LOD (150 tris)

Additional Info & Thanks:

I really hope you enjoy using these assets and i hope they are making your cities look a bit more UK like, If you do like them, it would be great if you could rate them up 🙂

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Thanks, enjoy the asset and enjoy the game 🙂