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Author: CertainDeath
Last revision: 3 Oct at 16:51 2018 UTC


Map Description

A detailed Map with lush forests, a lot of different landscapes, good and big building areas for a Megacity. There are several natural Harbors, and a artificial preterraformed big industrial harbor area (inspired by watching maps of europort rotterdam). Of course there are shipping routes reaching into the harbour bays, and a bit up the river 😉
I filled in the start of an Highway system with handmade unique and efficient interchanges.
Whole map is completely fantasy, but i tried to make it as legit and natural looking as possible.

There are 2 places for one ~1300MW Hydroelectric Dam and one 1600MW. One of them is already built, and fully operational. But you cant select it ingame, and you pay no upkeep. If you dont like that just delete it and build a new one. There is a water spawn downstream the dam, so there will be no flooding then.
I already placed the quays at the harbour area. But placing quays in Map Editor and outside city borders does not work properly, it is impossible to polish up the terrain. So when you have bought the tiles of the harbour, just use the flatten tool of landscaping, set it to bottom height of harbour ground level, and polish the edges of the quays yourself, and then it looks perfect.

There are about 650k Trees on the Map.

I playtested the map several times to wipe out errors in the intersections.

Recommended Mods:

– for better look of the map (and better fps!): "Remove Dirt" and "Remove Decoration Sprites". "Random Tree Rotation" adds more variation to the woods.
– highly recommended: "Traffic Manager President Edition" Some of the interchanges and intersections work way better, if you delete some amples here and there and if you use the lane connector to force the citiziens to not drive like idiots.
– Also if you dont have it: "Move It" makes your life way easier.
– The map is detailed from edge to edge. So at least take a 25 Tiles Mod, better the 81 Tiles Mod.
– The "Extra Landscaping Tools" Mod provides you with all the power of the map editor.


I made the Map with Tropical Beaty Theme (is in the collection at the top) of course you can switch out the Theme, if you want to.

LUT and Ultimate Eyecandy Settings

Theme looks best with Ultimate Eyecandy and Realistic LUT 1.2.
Settings in Ultimate Eyecandy:
– Global Light Intensity ~5,8000
– Ambient Light Intensity ~0,700
– Use LUT Color Correction: ON
– Use Tonemapping: ON
– Use Bloom: Off

Have fun and leave a like, if you like the map and appreciate my work
And if you did not find it already, here is the collection for One-Click subscribing to all the needed assets and mod: