Elena Falls 2

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Author: Black Fire
Last revision: 6 Oct at 12:03 2018 UTC


Welcome to Elena Falls 2 !

This is an update of my last map “Elena Falls”. In this new version I made changes on the parts of Elena Falls which before I wasn’t completely happy with. The most important changes are:
* “Green Alps” map theme – which is based on Khanador’s rock texture from “NotSoRocky Hills Map Theme”
* Complete rework of the bay area
* Integrating bsquiklehausen’s awesome “Golden Gate Bridge Draggable Network Pack”

What else is special about this map?
* two breathtaking beautiful waterfalls
* more great bridges thanks to “petersonyip” and “Jerenable”
* in-/outgoing ship route also on high ground
* possibility to create a huge dam / artificial lake
* default road system with 44 highway and 12 railroad bridges
* railroad intersections with no lane crossings of trains

Of course you also have the "Black Fire standard features" on this map.
* map can be played with 9 tiles, but is optimized for 25 tiles
* basic road- and railroad-system to get started
* maximum number of in/outgoing connections available (4x road, 4x train, 4x ship, 2x plane)
* all resources available
* intermediate map
* lots of nice places with a breathtaking view on your city

Also thanks to “bsquiklehausen”, “Khanador”, “petersonyip”, “Jerenable”, “CrushyCrux”, “BloodyPenguin”, “SamsamTS”; “Destroyer”, "Timboh", "agusingnavy", "MrMaison“ and of course “BloodyPenguin”. Your mods and assets have been very helpful creating this map!

Thanks to ALL modders which do an essential part to make Cities Skylines such a great game!
Have fun playing!
Your Black Fire

P.S. Dear Modders, sometimes I am asked if I would be mad if you rework my maps? I just can say… GO NUTS 🙂 ! My maps are for all of you and for free and I have no problem if you want to mod my work and make it even better. I am always up for a new interpretation of my creative work!