Renaissancehouse 11 – residential set

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Author: Titan
Last revision: 10 Oct at 19:58 2018 UTC


A residential Renaissance house in 5 versions

This building belongs to a set of buildings. They all are growable buildings. The Renaissance is was an important period in arts, science and society. Spreading from Italy its architecture developed quite some variations. My goal is to- in the end – have a good amount of Renaissance houses to suit each of those local varitions.
This building in particular is from Dresden, Germany.
This Workshop item includes this building as L1 – L5 version.
However, this style was common not only in Germany, but also modern day Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. That’s why those houses fit in nearly every old town you want to build.

Importing all these assets into the game and updaten them on Steam is a very monotonous task, so if you find any issues, don’t hesitate to tell them to me.

Please do read these information regarding prop and mod usage
I used some props in these buildings, however none are considered essential and hence none is marked as required item. You can subscribe to the other props all at once in the attached collection.

The assets are optimized to be placed with these mods and so all have a small icon in their thumbnails.
To save your PC’s resources I recommend using the Loading Screen Mod. All the versions of this building share the same textures – the Loading Screen Mod will load them only once instead of multiple times.

technical data:
main: 618 – 850 – 1066 – 1308 – 1570 tris; 512x2048px _a, _c, _d, _i, _n, _s texture
LOD: 62 – 62 – 64 – 64 – 96 tris; 128x64px _c, _d, _i texture


Tags: European europäisch Renaissance medieval mittelalterlich middle ages old town Altstadt historic historisch tenement apartment residential commercial office Germany, but also modern day Poland Polen Czech Republic Tschechien Austria österreich Slovakia Slowakei Slovenia Slowenien Hungary Ungarn Romania Romänien The Netherlands Die Niederlande Belgium Belgien France Frankreich