Hong Kong Cultural Centre 香港文化中心 HK

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Author: XDBX
Last revision: 18 Oct at 09:20 2018 UTC


Hong Kong Cultural Centre

注意:本资产需要Additive Shader
This asset requires the “Additive Shader”.

中文名: 香港文化中心
name: Hong Kong Cultural Centre
位 置:九龙尖沙咀
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre was laid in 1979 and began construction in 1984 and was commissioned on November 8, 1989. The unveiling ceremony of the Hong Kong Cultural Center invited the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to preside over the opening ceremony, officially announcing the completion of the center and opening to the outside world.

You can find her in the special building of the fifth level.

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New clock tower, if your assets are abnormal, rebuild can be solved

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