City Rail Link 1.

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Author: Yamashta
Last revision: 23 Oct at 11:33 2018 UTC


This through station is the first part of a transport hub (yet to be built) which will include an airport, bus station and elvevated walkways etc.
The tracks are as long as I can make them without the station getting buggy in game. The station is entirely fictional.
The stats are the same as the vanilla station.
The tech specs-
Station, tris-5366, faces-2341, verts-3124
Station LOD, tris-106, faces-52, verts-109
Canopy, tris-576, faces-288, verts-360
Canopy LOD, tris-32, faces-16, verts-36

No mods are required for this station to function although the following are recommended-

These three will enable you to place props inside the station, lights and seating etc.
And this one will allow the transparency of the canopy to be visible from a greater distance-

Thanks to the authors of the above mods for helping to make CS such agreat game!

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