Uranouchi Bay, JAPAN

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Author: arumima
Last revision: 5 Nov at 15:49 2018 UTC


Uranouchi Bay, Japan 浦ノ内湾

Uranouchi bay located south of Tosa city in Kochi prefecture is very narrow and its inside very extensive.
This map probably difficult to develop a big city because flatland is small.
Please build the city using a few flat places well, or use 81Tiles MOD.
Recommend MOD(推奨MOD)
81 Tiles – Unlock whole map area マップ全体を開発可能になります

The custom map theme and LUT used in the screen shot (スクリーンショットで使用しているマップテーマとLUT)
Cleyra – Map Theme
Owl’s Cinematic LUT Pack