Microcity (In the forest) 04B_LP

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Author: AliTarGz
Last revision: 3 Nov at 14:37 2018 UTC


Hello, dear subscribers and other game fans!
This is a my new project. Residential complex – Microcity "In the forest". Location: Russia, Moscow, Otradnoe.
This complex will consist of 10 or 13 buildings.

First I will make all the buildings in the lowpoly, because I’m doing this project at the request of one person, and he asked me to make lowpoly models.
After that I think, I will create few buildings with details models.

Type of building: Growable 3th lvl
Size: 4×4
Color varitions: 4 colors

Microcity (In the forest) 04B_LP

Model info:
Tris = 1132
Texture size = 1536×1024
Texture types = d, i, s, c

LOD info:
Tris = 80
Texture size = 768×512
Texture types = d, i, s, c
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