L.A. West Side True 1:1

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Author: AmiPolizeiFunk
Last revision: 3 Nov at 14:37 2018 UTC


Suh, dude? Gnarly waves today brah, totally rad…

Los Angeles West-Side map focuses on the neighborhoods that were my stomping grounds as a kid — Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. I’ve tried to create a canvas for an inspired builder to develop this area in its past, present, or future. Particular attention was paid to the coastline, elevations, and the three essential roads; Pacific Coast Highway (1), Interstate 10, and the 405 (San Diego Freeway). Each aspect has passed my certified "feels right" test.

This is my second "True 1:1" map, where I’ve taken the 18km² output from terrain.party and upscaled it by 104.166%, so that the 17.28km² of in-game Cities:Skylines map space matches exactly 17.28km² of real-world space. If you’re interested in recreating an actual location, it’s amazing how much of a difference 4% makes. You suddenly have enough room for every lane in complicated freeway interchanges, you can recreate detailed variations in elevation, and you can plop epic-sized workshop assets that are made in 1:1 scale. It’d be great to see more maps made at this scale.

This map uses 4 vanilla tree types, which I fully expect you to replace to your liking with PropItUp. My first order of business was to replace the tiny vanilla "Chinese Windmill Palm #1" with MrMaison’s beautiful tall California Fan Palm.

Included in this release are 4 map images, each at 4551x4551p, designed to be used with Overlayer v2. Tip: After opening an overlay in-game, be sure to press the HOME key on your keyboard before you start building. Overlayer has a tendency to not center itself perfectly on load.

1. LA-westside-ARCGIS.png (stitched aerial photos) 32.5k
2. LA-westside-ARCGIS-overlay.png (same as above at 25% opacity) 33.8k
3. LA-westside-OSM.png (stitched Open Streetmap layout) 20.8k
4. LA-westside-OSM-overlay.png (same as above at 25% opacity) 23k

Download the overlay images from dropbox here[www.dropbox.com]

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments. If you wind up building on this map, I’d love to see pics!