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Author: Raffa
Last revision: 5 Nov at 18:58 2018 UTC


Temperate Map

Map for easy building of a large city. The central plain allows for the construction of river canals at your convenience. These can be filled with water from the sea or ponds. Highlighted wet soil with large oil reserves is flat terrain.
The terrain is gradually increasing. I used the trees again just as an indication of where the forest might be and I used only 80K Generic trees by Lost Gecko. The city will grow and there is no need to reduce PC performance. If, but you have a strong machine, I recommend to plant Norway spruce, Norway spruce 2, Linden tree by MrMaison and Old leafy tree by Pdelmo. This combination is perfect to the theme being used.
Connection – All 3x

I wish you a lot of fun with building a city. Thank you for every thumb up, even though I know the map is simple.

Required items:
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