Achieve It!

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Author: Keallu
Last revision: 22 Dec at 14:45 2018 UTC


Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.11.1-f2 (Industries)

This mod enables achievements while also playing with mods.

NEW IN 1.3

– Added support for enabling and disabling achievements while in-game.

NEW IN 1.2

– Achievements tab in Unlocking Panel is now also enabled when using this mod.

NEW IN 1.1

– Added text in Options to emphasize that a reload is required if change is done in-game. – Missing update of Achievement availability when disabling the mod is now fixed.

It is very similar to the Mod Achievement Enabler but a few things differ; when loading a game, the achievements availability will be shown correctly, the achievement tab in-game is available and it is also possible to disable achievements availability without the need to disable or unsubscribe the mod itself. This can be done in-game.

A lot of subscribers have also had problems with the Mod Achievement Enabler, so I decided to make this enhanced mod.

Thank you to the amazing modding community and especially SamsamTS, TPB, boformer and BloodyPenguin for releasing the source code of their great mods so we can all be inspired.


Subscribe to the mod and achievements will be enabled while also playing with mods.


This mod does use patching technique with the Harmony library[] but does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled or unsubscribed safely at any time.

Source code

The source code is available here[]

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