Align Rotation for Move It 1.1

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Author: Quboid
Last revision: 21 Nov at 20:49 2018 UTC


Align Rotation for Move It!

Quickly rotate buildings, props and decals in Move It! Works like Move It’s height align; select the item or items you want to rotate and press Alt+A. Click on a building, prop, decal or road segment to rotate the item(s) to point the same direction. This is an extension to Move It – required!

  • Alt+A rotates each of the selected item(s) in-place
  • Ctrl+Alt+A rotates the item(s) as a group – works best when all selected items face the same way
  • Shift+Alt+A immediately rotates all valid selected items to a random direction

  • Works with undo and redo, but any random rotation will be different on each redo
  • Does not align trees, segments or nodes
  • Buildings, props and decals can be aligned to a network segment (road, rail, power line, etc)
  • Works with everything the game considers a buildings, including not-actually-buildings like Badi Dea’s Parking Lot Roads spaces (see tutorial picture)
  • Items aligned to road segments are usually 180 degrees out, because of Murphy’s Law[]
  • Quickly and neatly rotate items which are 90 or 180 degrees out with Move It’s 45 degree rotation tool

Align Rotation includes a fix for a bug in Move It where large buildings sometimes leave fences behind when being rotated (e.g. in Industries’ unique factories). If/when it’s fixed in Move It I will update this mod.

Align Rotation doesn’t directly affect your save-game and can be safely disabled at any time. Not compatible with Move It! Extra Filters, which is presently broken.

Thanks to leaderofthemonkeys for testing, Arnold J. Rimmer, and SamSamTS for this and other great mods. Made with Harmony[]

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