Prada Osaka

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Author: Stringer Bell
Last revision: 21 Dec at 10:13 2018 UTC


This is a 2×4 L1 Commercial High building based on the Prada building in Osaka.

It is part of my Flagship Store collection

Model: 4,160 tris / 1,024×1,024 texture
LOD: 58 tris / 256×256 texture
Maps: Diffuse, illumination, specular, alpha, normal, custom lod
Model made with Blender

Screenshots were taken with the NotSillyAfterDark LUT which dampens the contrast but also adds a slight yellow tint to everything. Highly recommend since I think most LUTs still leave the contrast too harsh. I have some trouble gauging what a standard look should be like since I imagine everyone uses different LUTs, so feel free to leave your suggestions below if the colors / brightness / saturation look too off-the-charts in your city. I’ll consider tweaking it in an update.

Of course, if you encounter any other issues in-game, please post it below and I’ll do my best to fix it!

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