Modular Cargo Airport HUB

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Author: u31r4
Last revision: 18 Dec at 01:29 2018 UTC


This airport cargo is exactly the same as DLC Industries, but it is modular, from Industries DLC, without taxiways and tracks.
So it is possible to use it in modular airport projects.

Use Airport Roads mod to place runways and taxiways.

You may need the mod Fine Road Anarchy , so that taxiways cross the concrete area in front of the airport and also connect to taxyways.

As with all custom airports, you have to put the original airport of the game, DLC Industries first to enable the planes to arrive in your city, then paste this, and so after some muntiso remove the original of the DLC.

The proper layout of taxiways helps ensure that the runway is reached.

This airport has 1 stop points for cargo aircrafts, and its buying and maintenance characteristics are the same as the original dlc, remembering that this airport only works with DLC industries, ok.

I am Brazilian and I produce content of the game for Brazilians in my channel, Youtube – Ubira my channel is new and through it I publish tutorials of the game, and how to use mods, and also give tips and publish my progress in my city, Hue de Janeiro.

If you are Brazilian or foreign (gringo), gradually I will adjust the subtitles for youtube to translate for you.

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