Segment Slope Smoother

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Author: Elektrix
Last revision: 1 Jan at 15:11 UTC


Ever gotten frustrated having to go through nodes one by one in Move It, adjusting their heights so that you get that perfect linear slope for your interchanges? Well fear not! Segment Slope Smoother is here to save the day!

What does it do?

This mod allows users to select groups of connected nodes and smooth them linearly, regardless of any curves and regardless of segment length! This acts very similarly to the Smooth Slope tool from Fine Road Tool, but it works on roads that already exist.

All the interchanges and roads in the promo images were made with this tool (and of course my favorite mod Move It!).

Demonstration (not most recent UI but basically the same)[]


Thanks to Boformer for explaining custom icons, giving examples, and recommending CimTools, and of course his amazing tutorials on Simtropolis, which are incredible and very easy to follow, if you haven’t seen them already.
Thanks to PropaneDragon for CimTools and BloodyPenguin for the updated version of ModTools. I probably spent more time using modtools to debug my code than actually making the code itself.
Thanks to StackOverflow for existing.