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Author: pcfantasy
Last revision: 4 Jan at 12:13 UTC


Can adjust outside transit traffic flow traffic for game, very challenage to your highway network.

(1)There are 3 levels can be selected in options for each 4 sides

1. Low traffic
2. Medium traffic
3. Heavy traffic

(2)The wider the highway is, the more traffic it will be.

(3)Click the road near the edge of the map,you will see which side it belongs to
Use CrossTheLine and No Border limit camera and Clouds and fog toggle if you can not click the road

(4) The edge of the map may become very congestion, please use TMPE lane connector to disable lane changing at the edge

Should compitable with all mod

No Border limit camera
Clouds and fog toggle


What`s more:
If you like the SimCity management element and what to combine CS and SimCity as one game, please try another mod by me.

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