Tram Road#01 – 90° Parking LRT Tracks

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Author: clus
Last revision: 30 Dec at 16:14 2018 UTC


Tram Road with 90° Parking Lots


Moin folks !

I used the holidays to finish some of my started projects… here´s the fiths one:
This is an addition to the LRT – Tram Network !

Give your cims the opportunity to park their car in a "space saving way", in order to
take the tram for their travelings through the city.

About the model

– modified Vanilla tram road
– 32m wide
– two drive lanes
– one tram lane (shared with cars)
– sidewalks (2m)
– center platform
– 6m space to place the parking lots or whatever you want
– LRT – Tram Tracks

– vanilla look
– smaller textures
– only ground version …. no parking on elevated segments. 😉


– Looks good connected to the elite Tram Tracks by Jerenable

Issues and walkarrounds

– floating cims at the platform ends/crosswalks, the same issue as within all vanilla
roads… 😉


– thanks to Badi_Dea ! Without his great parking lot roads [and I love them btw ;)],
this street- version wouldn´t have been possible !!

– also thanks to Urbanist ! His 60°/90° parking roads also inspired me to create
this one ! Check out his other great roads as well !

Other Versions <— Vanilla Tracks <— 24m wide (LRT) <— also 24m with Vanilla Tracks


If you like this addition to the tram network… and you want more, you could give it a thumbs up. 🙂
That would be very much appreciated !!! 🙂

For further questions and comments use the comment function below the asset.

If you find issues, mistakes etc. feel free to comment them as well … I finished a lot of roads
lately and did also lots of test runs … but with that much you could easyly overses some little or
"hidden" mistakes/issues…. :/

And if you want to buy me a cup of coffee to keep me awake during the long night shifts
you can do that here …cup of coffee…[] only if you want of course. 😉

Wíth best regards … 🙂

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