Roads United: The Netherlands [NL]

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Author: lennart
Last revision: 25 Nov at 11:32 2018 UTC



This mod is a texture pack with Dutch roads for the Roads United Core 2.0 mod, including Dutch road markings (arrows, bike & bus symbols).

This is my first mod, and it’s still in an early test phase. I’ve so far included most Small and Medium Roads, mostly only at ground level.
For roads which are not included in this pack, the Vanilla texture is shown.

Known issues

– I can’t get this mod to work with Roads Units Core+, only with Core 2.0 for some reason.
– I can’t seem to get the Highways to work, it’s probably an issue with the Core mod.
– ID shows as modname in Content Manager
– Error at activation

Required Mod

Roads United Core 2.0

Thanks to

Thanks to the creators of Roads United: Core and all other texture pack creators.

Required items:
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