Century Tower (Sydney, Australia)

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Author: Robert
Last revision: 2 Jan at 09:04 UTC


Century Tower is a residential high rise on Pitt Street in Sydney’s CBD. From 1997-2002 it was the highest residential building in Australia at 183m.
It’s a 4×4 level 5 high-density residential building, it isn’t RICO enabled by default. Use plop the growables and find it, searching "Century" will get you there.

This one took longer than usual for a couple of reasons, one of them being another video game about cowboys that I really disappeared into, but also because this was my first go at creating a detailed "old-fashioned" kinda facade. Century Tower includes the shell of what I assume is a heritage listed building.

Century Tower is my highest tri-model, it consists of three meshes and in total it sits at 0.97 pallets 😛

Tower – 12,616 tris – 1024×1024 D,S,I (LOD – 101)
Base – 7,714 tris – 1024×1024 D,S,I,N (LOD – 231)
Glass – 2,988 tris – 256×256 D,A,S

Note: This needs one of pdelmo’s shrub items.. I think I have listed the right one I used but I recommend their stuff in general for foliage, Australian and otherwise!

Required items:
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