Real Construction

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Authors: cieran84, pcfantasy
Last revision: 5 May at 10:47 UTC


Building will stop construction unless they have construction resource.
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Main Feature
(1)Building will stop construction unless they have construction resource
(2)Player Building will operate inefficiently if lack of operation resource
(3)Above two resources will be produced by city resource building(need assert)
(4) Those buildings which lack of resource will generate a no resource icon above the building.

Some more details for those considering this mod…
It’s essentially two parts: Real Construction and Real Government.

The resource generating building needs each type of industry goods – food, timber, petrol, and coal – and will import if not produced locally. Any building can be converted to a resource generator by setting its price to $2086 using Customize It!
Once it has goods, it slowly produces Construction Resources and Operation Resources and its stockpile is capped at 8 truckloads worth of each. All buildings require one truckload of construction resources to complete building.
All ploppable roadside buildings need Operation Resources to continue operating and slowly use their stockpile, requiring occasional deliveries – this includes city services (police, fire, etc), parks, monuments, and even Industry DLC buildings. Industry trucks (randomly farm, lumber, oil or ore) will be dispatched from the nearest resource generator.

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Difficult mode or Hard Mode
Hard Mode

This mod offers support for internationalization and heavily depends on people willing to contribute. The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
You can open a pull request to help translation on github[]


Cargo info
Difficult mode
Hard Mode

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