Net Picker

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Author: Elektrix
Last revision: 2 Jan at 16:09 UTC


Do you have a ton of custom roads installed and you’re not exactly sure which road was used on a part of your map, but you want to use it again? Fear not! This mod is for you! This mod allows you to pick roads from the map and use them again, as many times as you want!

Still confused? See my demo video above!

The UI for this mod integrates with Segment Slope Smoother’s panel; if SSS is not installed, it creates its own. In the near future there will also be a separate UI that tells you exactly what the road is and some statistics about it; I just had a bit of trouble making it work properly. I expect that part to be out by the end of the week.


Thanks to AmiPolizeiFunk for the idea.
Thanks to the folks on Simtropolis for being supportive and always helpful, and especially Boformer (yet again) whose advice is priceless.
First new mod of 2019 (yay)!
Source is released alongside the mod; a Github link will be here shortly.