Contemporary Suburban Houses

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Author: cbudd
Last revision: 6 Jan at 11:30 UTC


This is a modern looking apartment building found in Osnabrück, Germany. Built around 2014 it represents the modern european apartment style with balconies and a penthouse on top. Found near two big parks and the city center it should have a rent above-average.

Google Maps location:,8.0449564,50m/data=!3m1!1e3?dcr=0

No Rico building. Just add it yourself, it takes less than a minute and you can define the capacities however you want them.

3 storey building (ContemporarySuburbanHouse#1)
tris : 1168
maps : d,n,s,i
size : 1024 x 512

2 storey building (ContemporarySuburbanHouse#2)
tris : 886
maps : d,n,s,i
size : 1024 x 512

No custom LoD for now. I’m maybe gonna add it later but the automatically calculated LoD works fine for now.

This is my first asset. If you like it feel free to rate or give feedback. It’s always appreciated ; )