Telstra Plaza (Sydney, Australia)

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Author: Robert
Last revision: 10 Jan at 05:47 UTC


320 Pitt Street is a concrete high-rise office building, completed in 1988, roughly 140m tall. As of this publishing the building is branded as the Telstra Plaza, but walking past earlier this week I noted that scaffolding has already gone up for the 2020 revitalisation of the tower, which will overhaul the foyer and other internal aspects, rendering this model already historical!
It also happens to be the building opposite the last thing I published, Century Tower! Don’t expect me to continue up or down the street, though, they were just both neat buildings and it worked out that way. 😛

Hope you enjoy it! It’s square but its roof gives it a sort of diagonal aspect, it’s neat! I was happy with what I got out of its pretty plain exterior, too.

Model stats
main building 6,275 tris (1024×1024 D/S/I) – 326 LOD
glass 12 tris (256×256 D/A/S)