NTE – Private Luxury Hotel

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Author: spinoza73
Last revision: 10 Jan at 03:49 UTC


A luxurious private hotel built in an old mansion. The wealthy love the place for its calm, security and 5-star services. Favorite hotel of several stars!

– 14 926 tris – Highly detailed
– 714 tris for the lod
– 4X5 tiles
– No needs for After Dark
– 50% less noise accumulation
– 50% smaller noise radius
– 50% less water usage and sewage
– Construction cost: 100K
– Upkeep: 3200/week

– 75 low
– 100 Medium
– 125 High wealth Tourists

You need the DLC Pearls from the East, but it’s free 🙂

* Note that I’ve had some tiles in front of the building and two cute little trees after the picture have been made 🙂

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