JRW 0(R set) Series SHINKANSEN (revival color) JR西日本0系新幹線R編成(復活国鉄色)

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Author: Takouma
Last revision: 8 Jan at 23:29 UTC


Overview 概要

Shinkansen Series 0 is first Japanese bullet train was running from 1964 to 2008. Maximum speed is 220km/h and Series 0 runs between Tokyo and Osaka for 4 hours. Shinkansen Series 0 have been constructed 38 times and used in 40 years more, so there are many variation of cars and sets. Today I made 35 types of cars in detail for different 5 sets.
Series 0 retired December 2008. In the last 8 months, Series 0 was repainted revival color: ivory body and blue line. This is the end of Pioneer of high-speed rail.

Features 特色
  • 6 cars set 6両編成
  • passenger: 480 定員480人
  • 220 km/h max speed 最高速度220キロ
  • Number of triangles: first car… 5,461 tris / last car… 7,994 tris / each of middle cars… 2,394 or 5,519 tris パンタグラフカバーがつくなどしたためポリゴン数は少し増えています
  • 2048*1024 diffuse, normal, specular, alpha, illumination and color texture テクスチャサイズは変わらず
  • Headlights can be on with Additive Shader Additive Shaderを用いることでヘッドライト・テールライトが光ります
  • This is not color variable ラインカラーに影響されません

Donation ご寄付のお願い

If you are satisfied with my work, please donate me. The money will be used for blueprints or construction drawings to make next assets. Thanks for your kindness.

Note ひとこと

Prop version or color variable version will be released soon.

Special Thanks 謝辞

Ryuichi Kaminogi and TOKACHI269 helped me to solve technical issues.Ryuichi Kaminogi gave me also screenshots.
Thanks a lot.

  • 新幹線用旅客電車説明書 / 臨時車両設計事務所
  • 日車の車輌史 形式シリーズ 日本国有鉄道 0系新幹線電車 / 日車鉄道同好会
  • 新幹線0系研究Web http://skp.my.coocan.jp/tec0.htm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Takouma_skyline

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