NTE – Fusion Power Plant – 16,000 MW!

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Author: spinoza73
Last revision: 13 Jan at 22:50 UTC


A power monster at your fingertips! 16,000 MW all for you to use! The best in all this? No pollution! The plasma residues are burned directly into the ball of the central tower, reduced to innocuous ash and then simply recycled. That’s modernity!

– Tiling: 12×13
– 9875 tris – Highly detailed
– 432 tris for the lod – High performance
– Construction cost: 1,000,000 – same a regular one
– Upkeep: 8000/week – same a regular one
– 33% less noise pollution than the regular fusion plant
– 50% less water use than the regular fusion plant
– No pollution
– Moving plasma in their tube
– Transparent & reflective glass

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