Howling Head Island’s LUT

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Author: Sunesha
Last revision: 11 Jan at 06:26 UTC


Howling Head Islands theme official lut.

  • Color corrected with fog active. Removing fog will have much more warm colors. I added tiniest amount red possible to not leave white, dead white. Lut doesn’t crush blacks. Which means it should be easy to play at night
  • Subtle saturation mid luminance values in cyan range which enhance shore water and sky but leaves rest colors alone.
  • Desaturated really dark colors subtly. Old photo trick. Which makes stuff in shadows look natural. Colorful shadows give the illusion they are brighter than they are. Also it cheap trick to add more separation between areas that hit with light and areas without illumination
  • Contrast curve mid and high luminance to bring out contrast in both. Very subtle
  • Extremely subtly added blue to dark luminance to give contrast without darken the picture.
  • Desaturated 5% everything to tame the most wild colors. As so much in this game is over saturated