River Rocks Decal Pack / 河原の石デカール

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Author: Ryuichi Kaminogi
Last revision: 11 Feb at 14:48 UTC


This is a decal pack of river rocks.

I’ve worked hard to make Japanese river-side in the game, but I couldn’t feel Japan using existing assets. Also, placing a large amount of stone assets makes the game slow, so I created this.

Recommended when you want to quickly make riverbanks.
It’s good for beach as well.

There are 3 colors in the pack, so you can use it as gradations such as underwater ~ waterfront ~ ground.

– Known issues
* disappearing when we are away from the decals ( no way to fix )
* flicking when we place them roughly ( place them carefully in the game )

I will add variations updating this item if necessary.

Textures: 1024×1024
Size: 16m x 16m

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Textures: 1024×1024
Size: 16m x 16m

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