Ultimate Level Of Detail

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Author: boformer
Last revision: 15 Mar at 00:33 UTC


Make use of your graphics card! Configure the LOD distance of trees, props, buildings and networks.

This mod enables you to increase the render distance of detailed tree, prop, building and network models.

Take a look at the mod settings!

Comparison with LOD Toggler

Unlike LOD Toggler, the performance impact of this mod is very low. That means you can use it while you play the game, not only while taking screenshots! It also allows you to increase the render distance much further than LOD Toggler (10km instead of 1000m).

Key Shortcuts

[Ctrl] + [.] to toggle "Screenshot Mode". It will temporarily change all three render distances to 100km (2.5km for trees to prevent visual glitches) without affecting your selected options.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [.] to toggle "LOD Mode". This is useful for asset creators to display LODs at close distances

Recommended Mods

Random Tree Rotation: In combination with this mod, randomly rotated trees will be visible from further away. No more "jumping" trees.

Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance: The larger is prop/tree, the further it is visible! Ultimate Level Of Detail has built in support for this mod!

Camera Positions Utility: To take isometric screenshots (set FOV to zero and use very high LOD distance values)

Dynamic Resolution: For nicer screenshots. Because of the bad AA in CSL, buildings and trees look much more noisy. A higher render resolution greatly reduces this problem.


LOD Toggler, as it uses the same key shortcut. As long as you don’t use the key shortcuts, there won’t be any problems though.

A note on decals

Decals have a hardcoded render distance, there is no way to change it right now (about 1000m). We contacted CO and there is a good chance that they will fix the problem soon.


Note: I’m not taking donations, but others do 😉