International 9200 w/ 40′ Gooseneck Container Chassis

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Author: grayishbyrd
Last revision: 13 May at 14:29 UTC


The International® 9000 Series is a line of Class 8 semi-trailer trucks introduced by International Trucks in 2000. The 9000 Series is of a Conventional layout, with single or tandem rear axles and is available in either a Daycab for local and regional use or Sleeper configuration for long-haul work. It uses an aluminum cab also used by the 5000i/PayStar and had a long rectangular hood. The long hood allowed high-power engines to be used. Caterpillar engines with up to 550 horsepower (410 kW) were available until 2009 and Cummins engines with up to 600 horsepower (450 kW) were available until the end of production. As of 2017, all 9000 series were discontinued and replaced by Internationals LT and RH series, along with their HX series.

This is a International 9200 hauling 40′ high cube container on a 40′ gooseneck container chassis (based on Cheetah Chassis[]). Simple but effective, the 40’ gooseneck container chassis is capable of hauling a 40’ ISO container with a GVWR of 65,000 lbs. This model is the workhorse standard of chassis fleets throughout the United States.

There are 4 container version: 1 HCRF and 3 HCDC. One container for each industry type. The containers are from EU region: Hamburg-Sud (Agri), CMA-CGM (Oil), P&O/Nedlloyd (Ore), and Geest Line (Wood). Using sub-meshes, the trailer will turn into a empty one when it unloads all its load and returns to facility.

Model Info:
Vehicle template – Agriculture tractor, ore truck, forestry truck and oil truck
Truck – 3422 tris 2658 verts
Empty Trailer – 870 tris 790 verts, HCRF – 48 tris 30 verts, HCDC – 12 tris 8 verts
Cargo Capacity – 12000
Vehicle Length:
Truck – 7.67m or 25.2ft Trailer – 12.3m or 40.3ft Overall – 17.9m or 58.7ft

-Texture Size:
Truck – 512×1024
Trailer – 1024×1024
– Diffuse map
– Specular map
– Illumination map (working headlights, brake light and turning signal)
– Color Mask (truck cab only : blue, gold, red and white).
– Normal map
– Game generated LOD

Another container truck for more variation.. Unlike previous truck, this one is quite heavy on tris due to truck having a lot of curve on the body..

Well, let me know if you encounter any issue with the truck and I will try to fix it..