MTR/KCRC SP1900 – East Rail (Hong Kong)

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Author: Windows 95
Last revision: 4 Jun at 15:54 2017 UTC


This is the MTR SP1900 Stock Set.

The SP1900 is a Japanese manufactured heavy rail set that is currently in service in Hong Kong. Originally put into service by the Kowloon-Canton Rail Corporation (KCRC) for the "West Rail" Line in Hong Kong, this set of carriages was eventually put into service for the aging East Rail line, as well as the Ma On Shan Line.

This livery is the one used by the East Rail line, shortly after the KCRC/MTR Livery (The KCRC logo is prominently displayed, but the doors carry the MTR "Mind The Gap" decals)

Colour Changes according to line colours. stop asking!!!


June 04 2017:
Initial Release

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