Siberian Strait (no mods needed)

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Author: mennoschober

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Looking for a challenge?
Looking for a snowy logistical quest?

With climate change more and more of the siberian regions has become available. The area is located next to the Bering Strait and you have been tasked to quickly develop the habitable strip of land. Although road access is limited, many can come by train!

Unfortunately the porous soil makes digging tunnels for metro lines impossible, with too many risks involving collapsed tunnels the metro is not available. (playtime 250 weeks)

This scenario is intended to be played in vanilla cities skylines(+snowfall dlc) and can be quite hard to beat.


– transport 300k by public transport.
– 2500 tiles with ore industry
– 2500 tiles with oil industry

losing conditions:

– play 250 weeks (was 200)
– use metro lines
– less than 0 money


– The map is a very long and thin, thus increasing travel distances
– Loans are restricted in the sense that they are already active, thus adding costs and making the scenario harder
– The highway to two lane road at the entrance of the map has been done intentionally to increase difficulty, if you wish for an easier scenario you can upgrade the access route to a highway.

Tips for playing this map

(and playing in general):
– Use the natural recources tab in the quick menu to find where recources are located
– Use boiler station with hot water pipes for less power usage
– Coal power plants can easily be powered by putting them next to ore industry
– Make use of the train track, both freight and public transport can benefit greatly!
– Ore and oil industry both give a lot of income, even though it is already a wincondition it is good to stress it some more
– Using the sliders in the budget panel can delay costs of building new services or restrict cost when you dont need it.

proof of my own completion (this was with 200 weeks):

If the scenario proves too hard or an easier one is wanted i can update and change the map or make a new(and easier) one.

Additional challenges if too easy:

– Finish within 200 weeks
– No use of highways
– Don’t use big patches of oil and ore on the ends of the map
– No loans before completing all victory conditions
– Keep traffic above 75% at all times
– Dont build inhabited areas next to industries

With very few scenario’s available (especially snow) I thought why not make one myself?
Although visual mods and assets can improve game experience, mods that influence public transport or zone demand can make the scenario significantly easier.

Most importantly:

Have fun !!

(feedback and ratings are greatly appreciated)

I have another new scenario!!
Ovotor normal and ovotor hard

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - Snowfall