district recycling center (H – 2×1)

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Author: kruparker

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Small district recycling center, horizontal orientation (2×1)

Balanced stats.
The idea of this recycling center is to make a 1/10 version of the vanilla green cities recycling center, with some rebalance.

Costs : (10 district vs 1 standard)
– construction : 12,000 vs 16,000 (cost less to build some trash bins instead of facility)
– maintenance : 1,800 vs 1,500 (cost more to maintain)
– garbage consumption : 1,500 vs 1,500 (process the same amount of garbage)
– electricity : 160 kw vs 240 kw (this is the minimum possible value, 16kw per "building", can’t be set to 0 for balance purpose)
– water/sewage : 320m² vs 240m² (needs more water to clean each individual grounds)

– workers : 20 uneducated vs 18 undeducated, 6 educated, 6 well educated (only truck drivers and garbagemen)

– Garbage capacity : 300,000 vs 200,000
(this is due to game mechanism : trucks carry 20,000 and lose the excess of garbage once they reach a facility wich has less space left than 20,000. So I have chosen to set capacity at 30,000, so the only truck goes to collect garbage when there are 10,000 stored (20,000 empty); this way the recycling center continue to process a smal amount of the garbages left while the truck is refilling. And when the truck come back, there is no overload / magically disappearing garbage.)

Other Stats for 1 disctrict recycling center VS vanilla recycling center :
– No ground pollution because the ground pollution stacks and never goes away, and the minimum radius is pretty big.
– very small noise radius / accumulation. radius : 20 vs 50, accumulation 3 vs 10
– collect radius 200m vs 2,000m (very local garbage collection)
– only 1 truck (vs 15)
– Burns quickier !! 10 "game unit time", vs 20

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities