Austrian Vineyard Heuriger Müller

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Authors: pdelmo, MrMiyagiCS, Tomcat, MrMaison
Last revision: 4 Nov at 16:59 2017 UTC


Update – fixed balcony thanks to SvenBerlin!, new windows, worked illumination map- *All images except update comparison show pre-update building. It had white showing on its balcony. Looks much better now.

Heuriger is the name given to a tavern in Eastern Austria, where a local winemaker serves his or her new wine under a special licence in alternate months during the growing season. The Heurige are renowned for their atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit shared among a throng enjoying young wine, simple food, and – in some places – Schrammelmusik. They correspond to the Straußwirtschaften in the German Rheinland, the Frasche in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Osmiza in Slovenia.

Heuriger is the abbreviation of "heuriger Wein" (this year’s wine) in Austrian and Bavarian German. Originally, it was a simple open-air tavern on the premises of winemakers, where people would bring along food and drink the new wine. Nowadays, the taverns are often situated at a distance of the wineyards and offer both food and drinks. Heurige where apple or pear cider is served are called a Mostheurige. In the well-known wine-growing areas of the city of Vienna (Grinzing, Sievering, Neustift, Liesing) many eating establishments have a rustic interior design similar to Heurige, yet they have a normal licence and sell wine they buy from outside sources.


Model file stats in image above

Many thanks to the other creators whose Vineyard creations come together to make this asset:
– Tomcat for the 4×4 traditional Chalet. I made some changes to the texture so it looks more like a house and tavern, added ivy and name, etc. texture is 1024×1024
– MrMaison for the arbor and the Norway Spruce
– Pdelmo for the prop vineyard wine field.

And thanks to Lost_Gecko for yet another indispensable beautification item, the hedges!

This is a park because 1) I want to place more than one 2) Heurigers attract throngs of tourists 3) it allows those of you who use RICO to make a local RICO copy easily, without having to convert from growable to ploppable.