Cargo Info (Fix)

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Author: vpoteryaev

Last revision: 21 Jun, 2019 at 09:27 UTC

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This is a bit fixed version of the original "Cargo Info".

1. Added option to update the "Cargo Statistics" window hourly (may be useful for the "Real Time" users)
2. The "Harmony" library is merged (with ILMerge) into the mod itself. Maybe this will prevent issues that happens if another mods use different versions of the Harmony.
Definitely this is my last update of this mod, because I’ve started my own (welcome to see progress or with suggestions) based on original "Cargo Info".
Added three missed cargo types. I’m so sorry, but after this update (if you’ve used this fixed mod) you have to push "Clean current data" in Options, save the game, exit and load just created save. I hope this is my last edit 😉 in this very usefull mod.
Attempt to made the mod compatible with the Campus DLC. Sorry, I have no a city with trains, so I have not tested all changes at all 🙁 I have changed ONLY click handling on the stations info panel and the Cargo Info panel now must pop up. If mod still not working please notify me. I will try to set higher priority to this mod rather then developing mine.

Differencies from original mod:
1. Main reason for this publication – permanent "Unexpected transfer type: …" error spam that caused by cargo types from Industry DLC. Now all this "new" types are taken into calculations too.
2. Also added option for removing internal mod data from savegame file (useful for cleanup before mod uninstalling):
2.1. If you want to remove the original’s mod data from the save, after the game is loaded just click "Clean old data" button in the mod options menu.
2.2. Click on "Clean current data" button will do the same but for this version. Just load the game and click. Data (if exists) will be removed and while exiting the game won’t be saved. So you can uninstall this mod without any garbage left in saved game.

DO NOT FORGET TO unsubscribe from the original before using this version.

I had no enough time for tests so with adding the new types new bugs may occur, because I didn’t dig too much into original sources. For me will be better to write a mod with similar and advanced functionality (suited for my taste) from scratch and I have plans for it.
All the Industry DLC related types are counted separately so you’ll see in diagrams not common sector related to agriculture for example, but different for grain, animal products, flours etc.

All credits goes to Dr. Nya, author of the original.

If this publication violates any rules and/or rights, please notify me and I will remove it.

All sources included in mod content.

Donations not for me but for Pets (not only mine): PayPal[] 😉

Sorry for my English.