Laviante 2.0

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Authors: Arnold J. Rimmer, Bsc. Ssc., notDONEyet

Last revision: 1 Aug, 2019 at 19:33 UTC

File size: 180.64 MB

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In few days you could choose from 3 lightning setups, just wait a bit more..
You already can use Laviante LUT by @notdoneyet

Laviante 2.0 – Map Theme

Wasted almost year of free time to make this.. – LEARN FROM ME, ITS NOT WORTH!

You can dump all theme textures (how to on, do whatever you want with them..

    Used 1k – 4k textures.

Cliff optimized for Coastal maps.

Sand texture with soft brush creates ruined texture, use with combination with oil (or ore)
Sand use under water, ore use on coasts.


Dedicated to @Deeheks for awesome support, professional advise and help during
the 11+ months creating this theme.

@notDoneyet for awesome water normal and foam texture, they are more than perfect <3

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