Theater-Passage, 2/3 Commercial Building

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Authors: Yosh, SvenBerlin

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Building complex dates back to 2008. It is located in Paderborn on the back of the historic town hall. These and other buildings were built by a bank, which has its headquarter here.

The location was previously a mixture of post-war development and an urban disorderly courtyard-situation. That´s why theater as well as commercial building each have a ‘back’,

Compared to the original, I simplified the building complex at the commercial building and shortened it in its overall length to make it easier to use for the community of Cities Skylines.

You can combine the three assets by using „Move It“ or use them individually. The glass roof, with its side beams, builds on the masonry of the theater and commercial building. The width of the passage takes into account to the width of the vanilla-walkways.

SvenBerlin and Titan have helped me with advice and action. Assisted me in the creation of the glass roof, tris-reduction and technical problems. Special thanks to SvenBerlin, who created the illumination.



Find-It: "P_Geschäftshaus"

Verts 1.248, Tris 2.344, LOD-Model