Khovrino hospital

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Author: AliTarGz

Last revision: 6 Dec, 2019 at 16:37 UTC (1)

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UPDATE! I fixed the "not found asset name" error

Hello, my dear subscribers and all fans of Cities: Skylines! :))
For a long time I did not upload anything new to the workshop. And so, after a long time, I finally found the time and completed this legendary abandonment as a working hospital.
This is Khovrino hospital. The building was never completed and it was abandoned for almost 40 years. And exactly a year ago, the building was finally demolished. Located in Moscow.
The building itself consists of two clinics, one crematorium, one hospital, as well as three courtyards.


This asset is quite large, and consists of several buildings, so the number of triangles is slightly more than 25520.
For this asset you needs road connections on all 3 sides, how it looks on screenshots
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Some boring technical info:
Asset Size: 18×18.

Electricity 90
Gameplay common
Construction Cost 12240
Fire Hazard 0
Fire tolerance 0
Garbage Accum. 0
Maintenance Cost 320 + 120 + 120 + 120
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Required items:

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