T set "Tangara" – 8 cars (Sydney Trains)

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Author: Robert

Last revision: 10 Feb, 2019 at 04:00 UTC

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The T set, or "Tangara" debuted in 1988 and remains a key part of Sydney’s train fleet. Like all of Sydney’s trains it features double-decker seating, so I have set the capacity of both control car and passenger carriage at 80, which is more than double the default train, and still less than the true capacity (as anyone who has crammed into one at peak hour can attest).

I have revisited this set six months after its original publishing and applied lessons learnt since then. The texture is 1/4 the original, and the diffuse is much dimmer so the colours aren’t as blown out.

This model cannot be line-coloured.


Control car
3,019 tris (LOD 74)
2048×512 texture (D,A,S,I,N,C)

Passenger car
2,148 tris (LOD 46)
2048×512 texture (D,A,S,I,N,C)

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Loading Screen Mod
The non-line coloured T set items on the workshop (4 car, 6 car, 8 car) all use the same textures for both passenger and motor cars. Using this essential mod can save on texture loading time.

To convert these trains for use with Metro Overhaul Mod, go to your local app data folder (usually usernameAppDataLocal) then Colossal OrderCities_SkylinesTrainConverter-Config.xml and add this line within the <pantograph-trains-to-metro> group:
<items workshop-id="1650878645" description="Tangara" replace-last-with-trailer="false" />

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