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**As you might have noticed, the chevrons have disappeared from the intersections since the last update. This is intentional. I am trying to rework the chevrons into one decal as to not starve the prop limit in cities. It takes a lot of work to make detailed decals, and I wanted to release some updates to the intersections originally released. Please bear with me, those chevrons will return eventually when I actually finish them! Thanks

Welcome to SimplyExits!

Want to easily create realistic and beautiful highways? Well this is the mod for you! This mod includes ten assets in two packs to fulfill all your highway decorating needs! This asset pack includes:

  • 3+1 Cleave
  • 3+1 Lane Extension
  • 3+1 0 Degree Exit
  • 3+1 45 Degree Exit
  • 3+1 90 Degree Exit
  • Highways/Ramps Without Props
  • Additional Exit Line Networks

These above assets come in both right and left variants to allow those who use left side driving to use this pack. All roads in this pack can also be switched directions, so that you can create on ramps too!

Yes, traffic will flow and use these exit ramps! It actually looks pretty nice and realistic. If you’re using Traffic Manager: President Edition, feel free to change the lane lines. I do highly recommend you change the highway ramp speed limit to 100, as cars will slow down when approaching the exit ramp if the speed limit is left at 80.

But wait! How do I place these exits into my city?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. Here is my simple tutorial to SimplyExits!

1. Make sure Prop and Road anarchy is on, or else you will not be able to place your exit.
2. Place the cleave asset in a direction of your choice.
3. Optimally, add a couple extensions to make your exit lane longer.
4. Place an exit ramp at the degree of your choosing.
5. Connect the highway ramps to create your exit!

Optimally, change the direction of both the highway and the highway ramp to create an on-ramp instead!

Feel free to use the included No Props Highway/Highway Ramps. The street lights are still there, but all the pesky highway props are gone to make the asset look more realistic. if you want to remove props globally, I recommend checking out Remove Road Props.


If the game complains that the assets are missing, first make sure you are subscribed to the dependencies.
If it still gives you that error, move all the assets from the workshop folder (found at C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2557101951851823) and copy/paste all the assets into C:Users[username]AppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesAddonsAssets. This solved the problem for me, so hopefully it works for you!
If it still doesn’t work, feel free to comment below and I will assist you!

Do not place these intersections in rough terrain! They will cause a bunch of visual glitches. Please make sure to flatten the terrain before placing these exits. The mod will eventually be updated to support rough terrain in the future.

Future Plans?

Yes, I have plans to continue updating this mod in the future! Currently my feature list includes:

  • Creating decals for the intersections instead of using many in one, which in a pain to delete.
  • Creating more exit ramp combinations, such as 3+2 or 2+1
  • Support for modded roads such as the American Roads pack.
  • Support for Network Extensions 2 roads in the future.

If you’re a modder wanting to help me on this project, feel free to message me on Steam. I will definitively need help adding support for mod roads, as it is kinda a long and annoying process to create these intersections.

Special Thanks

Ronyx69, for making the Ploppable Asphalt + mod, which is used a lot in these assets.
PelusoNN, for making the road networks which were the baseline for the road lines included.

Questions? Comments? Bugs?

Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll try my best to answer you and fix your issue!

I hope you enjoy your journey with SimplyExits!

Update Log

January 19th, 2020

  • Redid assets.
  • Cars no longer slow down at the exits.
  • Added dependency.

January 5th, 2020

  • Fixed game complaining about missing assets (again!).
  • Added dependency.

January 4th, 2020

  • Fixed game complaining about missing assets.
  • General bug fixes.

January 3rd, 2020

  • Redid all assets.
  • Added missing dependency.
  • Temporarily removed chevrons.
  • Assets now have less props overall.

December 30th, 2019

  • Initial release.
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