Beergarden Forst Schenke by Kleckerklotz

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Author: Kleckerklotz

Last revision: 29 Dec, 2019 at 12:45 UTC

File size: 3.2 MB

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Hi guys and girls,

finally I found sound time to make this asset. It’s a half-timbered inn or restaurant with a beergarden attached. It’s inspired by a real building in Leipzig Germany from the late 19th century, which is like 80% what you can see. Handmade textures. Expept the doors, for which I was too lazy ( I used some fences from Titan. He has really cool stuff. Check him out too.

Technical info, for everybody who cares about.

Level 3 Commercial 4 x 3

Polycount: 1823 Faces
LOD: 150 Faces

Textures 1024 x 1024 px
Diffuse Map
Specular Map
Illumination Map
Normal Map
Alpha Map

LOD 128 x 128 px
Diffuse Map

Hope you like it. If you do, leave a like and fave. I would appreciate it. Have fun.