Full Y Interchange

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Full Y Interchange:

Similar in nature to the Full Diamond, the Full Y is designed with maximum throughput in mind. With its 120 degree approach angles, direct ramps, and gentle curvature, it is the absolute fastest 3-way interchange in existence.


  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for vehicles to slow down as they pass thru the interchange
  • Minimizes weaving as splits are symmetrical across the lanes of traffic
  • Direct ramps


  • Requires more land to build than a Trumpet and other 3-way interchanges
  • Like the Full Diamond, merging in the destination freeway’s ‘fast lane’ is less safe

This Asset:
  • Smooth curvature for aesthetics and maximum speed
  • Perfect 120 degree angles between incoming freeways
  • Perfect ‘lane mathematics’
  • Incoming freeway carriageways are spaced at 32 units for those using the Parallel Road Tool mod

Twitch Stream "Advanced Freeways"


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