Elsassisch building #1Point-Coop

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Author: Ligne 7

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Elsassisch building #1Point-Coop by Ligne 7

It is a building located 15 rue des dentelles Starsbourg. The shop "Point-Coop" opened in 1902 under the name of "Konsumverein für Staßburg und umgegend" (Strasbourg and surroundings cooperative) and closed in 2017. This shop is the starting point of a beautiful economic and social story (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coop_Alsace).

L3 Commercial high

tris : 1193
tris LOD :44
texture : 2048X2048 D/N/I/S
texture LOD 258×512 D/I

Submersh (logo Point Coop) tris 14, 1024×258 D/I