Patient Transport Service Depot [CREMATORIUM]

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Author: long boi

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Non-Emergency Medical Transport

A patient transport depot for your non-emergency ambulances.

This started as a fun little project but works quite well and adds a bit of variety rather than hundreds of hearses everywhere. Functions as a crematorium.

Most healthcare systems in built up areas have some sort of service for the non-emergency transport of the elderly and infirm to and from hospital.

This superficially appears to do the same. Hearses Ambulances will drive around areas picking up the recently deceased unwell elderly.

The game actually models this fairly well with no other interference as the vehicles will naturally go to areas with an ageing population, as most cim deaths in the game, unless something has gone extremely pear shaped, are senior cims dying of natural causes.

Please note that if you do not subscribe to the PTS ambulance then this asset will only be able to spawn hearses and will simply be a strange looking crematorium

  • Stats identical to the vanilla crematorium
  • Use Advanced Vehicle Options and Service Vehicle Selector to customise stats and spawning.
  • As an alternative consider using Invisible Spawn Points in combination with the above mods in order to have these ambulances ‘spawn’ from your hospital.

This model is a re-skin of DieHardHunter’s fantastic Ambulance Station model, with thanks. DieHardHunter’s original ambulance station for your emergency vehicles is also a great asset for your city.
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